New Era of Business to Consumer Transactions

Online marketplaces are creating a need for a new era of consumer transactions. 

This article discusses digital businesses, enhancing consumer experiences, and the problems of reaching the consumer directly. 

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New Era of Business to Consumer Transactions

Small Business Profitable Growth

Small Business Profitable Growth

Small business owners that do not have a finance or accounting background can still understand their business's finances and move their companies in the right direction.

This article discusses four tips for understanding profitable growth.

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Cyber Risk Management

Cyber Risk Management

As the number of cyber attacks increase, a cyber risk management program is necessary for businesses.

This article discusses four ways your business can manage cyber risk.

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Career Options for CPAs

A career in the accounting industry can be so much more than just, well, accounting!

People decide to pursue accounting careers for a wide variety of reasons. There are those that have a passion for numbers. Others see accounting as a big, complex puzzle that they’re excited to solve. And some simply choose the field for the stability and long-term career opportunities that it affords.

On the other hand, many turn up their noses at the accounting field—perhaps claiming that an accounting career would be boring or repetitive. They are wrong!

Below are some examples of the multitude of fascinating career options that abound within the accounting field. Read on to learn about the exciting paths that CPAs can take, both within a traditional accounting firm and beyond!

Within the Traditional Accounting Firm

Accounting Auditor
An auditor is an accounting professional who specializes in the preparation and examination of financial records. These professionals are charged with ensuring the accuracy of an organization’s records and assessing financial operations. Accounting auditors are the key to ensuring that organizations are running efficiently and will continue to do so in the future.

Financial Planner
Many traditional accounting firms provide specialized financial planning services to their clients. The goal of financial planning professionals is to work with their clients to establish and enhance their successful financial future. From estate planning to retirement planning to investment planning, this sub-set of accounting offers a diverse range of interesting career opportunities.

Tax Specialist
Some CPAs opt to pursue a specialty in tax. Tax specialists are responsible for tax document management and preparation. They have the option of working with a wide range of clients, including individuals, small business, large corporations, and everything in between! This particular specialty requires a deep understanding of tax code and a willingness to work with changing laws and regulations. If you’re the kind of CPA who enjoys constantly learning new things then applying what you’ve learned to your work, this is the field for you!

Forensic Specialist
Not only is forensic accounting a big field, but it’s constantly growing. The prevalence of fraud, both in the US and around the world, make this an area of increasing demand for expert CPA services. Within an accounting firm, a forensic specialist can be responsible for a variety of tasks, including uncovering fraud, quantifying financial loss, performing fact-finding interviews, and even testifying in court. Forensic specialists generally pursue further certifications in addition to their CPA license, such as Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) and Certified in Financial Forensics (CFF) credentials.

Niche Specialization
In addition to the roles listed above, there are a multitude of options for CPAs to specialize in niche fields, working with a particular industry or type of client. Some accounting professionals concentrate on providing services to a particular local industry (for example, a Vermont-based accountant who serves exclusively local Christmas tree growers). Others choose to specialize in a larger niche field, such as construction, healthcare, or hospitality. Perhaps you have a unique niche in mind around which you dream of developing your accounting practice?

Beyond the Traditional Accounting Firm

Accounting Software Development
As technology continues to evolve at an ever-increasing rate, there is an intriguing opportunity for accountants to serve as advisors in the accounting software development field. Software developers need to work with experienced accounting professionals—people who really know how the accounting industry works—to ensure that the programs they create function fully and correctly. From advising about home accounting software for individual tax filers to large systems for accounting firms, there is a great need for knowledgeable accounting advisors in the tech field.

Environmental Accounting
As environmentally sound business practices increase in popularity, there is a growing demand for in-house environmental accounting advisors, both at large corporations and within government agencies. Environmental accounting professionals serve to help organizations become more eco-friendly and comply with environmental regulations, all while saving money and remaining profitable.

Investigative Accounting
For two of the traditional accounting firm career paths mentioned above—auditing and forensic accounting—there are parallel opportunities within law enforcement. Various law enforcement agencies employ CPAs and other accounting professionals in an investigative capacity. Have you ever considered seeking out a career at the Federal Bureau of Investigations or the Drug Enforcement Administration?

After reading about all of the opportunities that the accounting industry provides, are you still convinced that a job in the field would be routine? We certainly hope that one or more of the opportunities listed above sparked some excitement in you and will lead you to a fulfilling and enjoyable career as a CPA!

Accelerate Leadership Testimonials

Austin Arrington - Ole Miss

“My favorite part of the program was having the chance to go to dinner with the staffers and seniors. It was nice to hear firsthand about their experiences with the firm. I also appreciated the chance to hear what the life of a staffer was like so we could know what to expect if we were to start working at RBG.”¬†

“I think the most valuable piece of advice I could give to someone considering the Accelerate Leadership program is this: ask all the questions you have at the program. I left the Accelerate Leadership program knowing I wanted to work at RBG because I asked questions about the uncertainties I had about working in public accounting.”¬†

Elizabeth Tavoleti - Mississippi State

“I heard about the Accelerate Leadership program through the Career Center at my school. I was drawn to it because I‚Äôm interested in working in Memphis, but chose it, ultimately, because it is one of the few programs that accepted sophomores. I feel as though getting to participate as a sophomore gave me really valuable experience that most of my peers don‚Äôt have at this point”¬†

“The program most definitely exceeded my expectations. I really enjoyed getting to know lots of staff, including partners, because everyone had such a unique perspective on working for an accounting firm. My advice to anyone considering the Accelerate Leadership program would be that they make sure to participate fully‚Äîtake advantage of the opportunity to meet everyone and ask your specific questions about both RBG and the accounting world as a whole.”¬†

Claire Cornelius - Mississippi State

“The Accelerate Leadership program gives you a well-rounded experience. You get to explore different parts of Memphis and enjoy the unique culture that the city holds. You also get to interact with everybody from the firm, from partners to staff members, in a fun and relaxed environment. Everyone I met at RBG truly made me feel like they wanted to build a relationship with me.”¬†

“The scavenger hunt was such a cool idea. It allowed me to explore different parts of Memphis while interacting with somebody from the firm. It was the coolest thing I did at any of the summer leadership conferences that I attended that summer.”¬†

Connor Shannon - Arkansas State

“I learned about the Accelerate Leadership program from one of my accounting professors. It was a great fit for me because I‚Äôm interested in working for a firm in Memphis. The program mixes learning with a lot of fun. I loved the opportunity to hear from the professionals about their jobs and what they love about public accounting. If you want to truly learn what working in public accounting is like and have all of your questions answered, I highly recommend Accelerate Leadership.”¬†

Jess Morris - Mississippi State

“Before participating in the Accelerate Leadership program, I thought that I was sold on working at a Big 4 firm for a few years and then looking for a job outside of public accounting with better hours and pay. I did not think that it was possible to find a public accounting firm where I would want to have a long-term career. I loved my experience with RBG‚ÄîI felt truly comfortable with both their culture and their people. As a result of my experience in the Accelerate Leadership program, RBG shot to the top of my list of places to secure an internship.”