RBG Accelerate Leadership Conference 2019

On May 14 and 15th, RBG hosted 19 students from Ole Miss, Mississippi State, University of Memphis, Arkansas State and UT Martin. This was our 4th annual summer leadership conference, and the best by far.

The conference began with a scavenger hunt that sent the teams all over Memphis to grab photos at Memphis-centric landmarks after solving clues about where to go. This part of the conference tested the students’ skills in building a team from people they just met and working towards bragging rights and prizes. The teams ended the scavenger hunt at Railgarten where they enjoyed an evening event getting to know many of our staff and learning more about RBG.

The next morning begin with THE EVENT, which provided the students with an opportunity to learn more about the benefits of working at RBG and the culture of the firm.  Members of our Young Professionals Group (YPG) each presented a 5-minute talk on topics of interest to the students including benefits of our Allinial Global accounting association, Dress for Your Day, work flexibility, CPA exam incentives and how our YPG group provides a voice to senior management.

Following THE EVENT, a breakfast mixer in our Conference Centre provided an opportunity for the group to meet even more of our firm from staff to partners.  The day ended with interviews for 2020 internships and a final Q&A session with our YPG.

With the addition of THE EVENT and an expanded scavenger hunt, feedback from the students has been very positive.  We are excited to be able to reach so many students from the various colleges where we recruit, and our 2020 internship recruiting efforts are off to a great start.

Accelerate Leadership Testimonials

Austin Arrington - Ole Miss

“My favorite part of the program was having the chance to go to dinner with the staffers and seniors. It was nice to hear firsthand about their experiences with the firm. I also appreciated the chance to hear what the life of a staffer was like so we could know what to expect if we were to start working at RBG.”¬†

“I think the most valuable piece of advice I could give to someone considering the Accelerate Leadership program is this: ask all the questions you have at the program. I left the Accelerate Leadership program knowing I wanted to work at RBG because I asked questions about the uncertainties I had about working in public accounting.”¬†

Elizabeth Tavoleti - Mississippi State

“I heard about the Accelerate Leadership program through the Career Center at my school. I was drawn to it because I‚Äôm interested in working in Memphis, but chose it, ultimately, because it is one of the few programs that accepted sophomores. I feel as though getting to participate as a sophomore gave me really valuable experience that most of my peers don‚Äôt have at this point”¬†

“The program most definitely exceeded my expectations. I really enjoyed getting to know lots of staff, including partners, because everyone had such a unique perspective on working for an accounting firm. My advice to anyone considering the Accelerate Leadership program would be that they make sure to participate fully‚Äîtake advantage of the opportunity to meet everyone and ask your specific questions about both RBG and the accounting world as a whole.”¬†

Claire Cornelius - Mississippi State

“The Accelerate Leadership program gives you a well-rounded experience. You get to explore different parts of Memphis and enjoy the unique culture that the city holds. You also get to interact with everybody from the firm, from partners to staff members, in a fun and relaxed environment. Everyone I met at RBG truly made me feel like they wanted to build a relationship with me.”¬†

“The scavenger hunt was such a cool idea. It allowed me to explore different parts of Memphis while interacting with somebody from the firm. It was the coolest thing I did at any of the summer leadership conferences that I attended that summer.”¬†

Connor Shannon - Arkansas State

“I learned about the Accelerate Leadership program from one of my accounting professors. It was a great fit for me because I‚Äôm interested in working for a firm in Memphis. The program mixes learning with a lot of fun. I loved the opportunity to hear from the professionals about their jobs and what they love about public accounting. If you want to truly learn what working in public accounting is like and have all of your questions answered, I highly recommend Accelerate Leadership.”¬†

Jess Morris - Mississippi State

“Before participating in the Accelerate Leadership program, I thought that I was sold on working at a Big 4 firm for a few years and then looking for a job outside of public accounting with better hours and pay. I did not think that it was possible to find a public accounting firm where I would want to have a long-term career. I loved my experience with RBG‚ÄîI felt truly comfortable with both their culture and their people. As a result of my experience in the Accelerate Leadership program, RBG shot to the top of my list of places to secure an internship.”