To help upcoming accountants enter the workforce prepared and polished, The Avron B. Fogelman Professional Development Center and Reynolds Bone and Griesbeck, Memphis CPA firm, have partnered to develop a customized professional development program for U of M Accounting majors.  This new venture, ACT—Accounting Careers of Tomorrow, will be offered for the first time at the RBG headquarters starting in mid-September.

“Our firm wanted to join forces with the Fogelman College of Business and Economics to help upcoming accounting professionals enter the career world well-prepared for its challenges. We believe our future is in tomorrow’s students and this program provides our young professionals a great opportunity to share their experiences about how to successfully enter the accounting field,” said Leslie Bouldin, Chief Operating Officer with RBG. 

Dean Rajiv Grover of the Fogelman College of Business and Economics said, “It’s extremely important for students to graduate from our College with a solid academic foundation, but professionalism is often the key that gives students a competitive advantage in today’s job market. We are pleased to partner with RBG to professionally prepare our students and we hope other firms will follow their lead to foster this initiative.”

ACT, an innovative approach to student development, is comprised of three-module training programs led by RBG professionals.

“Accounting majors who are selected to participate in this program will learn from industry professionals regarding career options in the accounting field, ethics, job preparation skills specific to the accounting industry and networking fundamentals,” said Kathy Tuberville, Director of the Avron B. Fogelman Professional Development Center.  “In addition, the ACT program will qualify as one of four training requirements needed for students to earn our Professional Development Certificate through our new Complete Professional Program, a point of distinction for students as they enter the career world.”

For more information, please contact Anna Michael, Coordinator of FCBE College Relations & Events or visit the Fogelman College of Business and Economics website, www.memphis.edu/fcbe.