RBG supports Camp CPA

Camp CPA is a program developed and presented by the Beta Alpha Psi (BAP) chapter at the University of Memphis for students at East High School.  The program provided relevant information on career paths in the forensic, audit and tax areas of accounting.  Students were able to learn about various areas of accounting along with potential compensation from intern to partner. 

Ali Sinkular, audit partner at RBG, along with Jeree Wheat and Jenna Lea Presley engaged with the students in a Ponzi scheme demonstration using cookies.¬† Jenna Lea played the part of the “fraudster” with Jeree acting as the bookkeeper and Ali artfully played the role of the auditor.¬† The interactive nature of the presentation allowed the students to understand through this real-life example how a fraud such as a Ponzi scheme can happen.

By providing support like this to Camp CPA, RBG is proud to assist BAP in educating high school students and empowering them to pursue a future in a profession such as accounting.  The desire of BAP members to impact Memphis through service provides a great opportunity for RBG to partner with them through our ongoing community involvement.