Does Your Estate Plan Need Updating to Include Digital Assets?

This article explains the importance of keeping your estate plan up to date, especially since people are living longer and need more options in their documented life. Three sections in your estate plan that should be examined several times include digital assets, guardianship designations, and appropriate names in the documents. Adding an addendum in legal documents can help with the hassle of updating each new digital asset program. Choosing a guardian that will act in the best interest of the person in need is important and having multiple people acting as guardians can help ease the load of the affairs. Having appropriate names included in the estate plan strengthens your documents because life changes, and the people you have named could get ill or possibly refuse the responsibilities.

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Memphis Accounting Firm Claims Two Accounting Today Awards

MEMPHIS, TN РReynolds, Bone & Griesbeck PLC (RBG) is pleased to announce that the firm was recently named to Accounting Today’s 2021 list of the Best Accounting Firms to Work For and Best Firms for Young Accountants.

This is the second consecutive year that RBG has been acknowledged as Best Accounting Firm to Work For and the first time it was named to the Best Firms for Young Accountants list.

“It is a great honor to be recognized as one of the best accounting firms to work for,” said Skeet Haag, CPA, managing partner of RBG. “It’s amazing to receive these two sought-after awards, especially at a time when staffing and retention has been hardest for our profession. We take great pride in fostering growth and creating career opportunities for our younger staff.”

Firms from across the United States entered the survey process to determine Accounting Today’s Best Accounting Firms to Work For. The survey program is designed to identify, recognize, and honor the nation’s 100 best employers in the accounting profession. Each nominated company was evaluated based on workplace policies, practices, philosophies, systems, and demographics. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, firms were also assessed based on their response to employee safety matters. Seventy-five percent of the combined score was attributed to an employee survey that measured engagement and satisfaction. Best Companies Group managed the overall registration and survey process, analyzed the data, and determined the final ranking.

To qualify for the Best Firms for Young Accountants, firms needed to have at least 15 employees under the age of 30 or have employees under 30 constitute at least 10 percent of their total employee count. An anonymous employee survey was distributed, and the response rate for employees under the age of 30 was required to be at least 40 percent. Firms were then ranked according to the average positive response rate.

Since 1905, Reynolds, Bone & Griesbeck has delivered the highest quality accounting, audit, tax, and advisory services to its clients. Over the last century, much has changed, but RBG’s  principals have not. RBG continues to uphold the legacy of its founders, who were among the first certified public accountants in the state of Tennessee. Through dedicated service to clients and employees, RBG continues to commit to its core values of passion, respect, ownership, stewardship, teamwork, elevation, and community.

Strategies for Preventing Fraud

This article discusses how fraud is one of the most concerning topics for start-ups and small businesses alike due to the highly digitalized world that we live in today. It is so prevalent that “organizations report losing 5 percent of their annual revenue to fraud.” For a small business, that could be detrimental. However, utilizing best practices surrounding areas such as payroll, online banking, and written checks can all help protect your business. Additionally, hiring a forensic accountant while your business is still young can prove beneficial in the long run. Be sure to check out this link for more information!

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Building a Business Case for Remote Work

This article explains the challenges that businesses face when dealing with remote workers. Mobility managers may face numerous tasks, including understanding complex and evolving rules for tax, immigration, and other legal purposes. Mobility managers also will need to communicate risks and information requirements to business units and their mobile employees. Risks that occur when a business is not staffed to create a proper policy and framework for your mobile workforce, include compensation risks, corporate law risk, emergency risk, immigration risk, payroll risk, and social security risk. In 2021, GTN conducted a business travel survey of 169 organizations representing a wide range of industries, and out of the 169 organizations, 72% of them have a global travel policy, yet only 31% are utilizing a method to track their business travel population.

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Small Business Trends to Watch

This article discusses how 2022 is a viable year for most small businesses as they continue to rebound from the coronavirus pandemic. A recent report shows that attracting new customers is the top challenge for most small businesses. However, utilizing trends such as shifting customer expectations, focusing on happy employees, and investing in the right technology can help alleviate this problem and others. Empowering your employees will yield many results and can boost your company in 2022. Be sure to check out this link for more information and details!

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Reynolds Bone & Griesbeck PLC Welcomes New Intern

Reynolds Bone & Griesbeck PLC (RBG) is pleased to announce the addition of Alejandra Lopez, who joins the firm as an intern in the Client Accounting Services Department. In this role, she assists with bookkeeping, answering tax-related questions, and other tasks for clients in a wide variety of industries.

Lopez is a student at Christian Brothers University where she is pursuing a Bachelor of Applied Science in Accounting degree. She anticipates earning her degree in 2022. Prior to interning with RBG, she completed accounting internships with the Downtown Memphis Commission and FedEx Services. Lopez is currently affiliated with the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).

Born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, she spends her time outside the office volunteering at various nonprofits throughout the area.