Your New Job Checklist

Starting a new job can be intimidating. You are faced with new coworkers, new responsibilities, new facilities, and new technologies—it can be a lot. Today we want to offer some helpful tips for making your transition into a new workplace as smooth as possible.

If you are struggling with new job jitters—or if you simply want to make sure to make the best impression possible—consider the following tips:

  1. Introduce Yourself to the Office – Before arriving at the office, mentally prepare yourself to make a lot of introductions. While your new teammates will likely not expect you to remember everyone’s names and roles right off the bat, you should make an effort to learn them as quickly as possible. Be sure to pay particular attention to two groups: company key players and the colleagues with whom you will be working closely.
  2. Establish New Relationships – This tip applies particularly to the teammates in your area or department. Try to learn a few things about each of the people you will work most closely with. This will help you to relate to them more quickly, to remember them more easily, and to build a rapport with them more rapidly. At the same time, getting to know the people around you will help you develop a sense of the company culture and community at your new organization.
  3. Update Your LinkedIn Page – Do not be shy about letting your professional network know about your new position! Update your profile and start to connect with your new colleagues. This will help you immensely with the task of learning everyone’s names and roles.
  4. Ask Questions – Especially during your first day and week, people will expect you to have a lot of questions and, for the most part, will be eager to be helpful. Try to prepare some questions in advance of your first day, then carry a notepad and pen with you to jot down anything questions that come up while in the office.
  5. Learn the Lay of the Land – Ask for a tour of the office building where you will be working. Make sure you learn the location of key areas, such as bathrooms, coffee and water sources, stairs and elevators, the break room or lunchroom, and any other amenities.
  6. Complete Any Paperwork – Lastly, strive to complete any employment paperwork as soon as possible. On your first day, bring your ID and any other key documents with you. Be sure to review all onboarding materials you are given, such as the employee handbook, list of company policies, benefits packet, and employment contract.

Starting a new job or internship can feel overwhelming. Having a plan in place and an idea of what to expect and what you need to learn can go a long way in smoothing the path before you. 

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