Top Ten Reasons to Review Your Estate Plan

Are You on Track with Your Estate Planning?
Estate planning is an ongoing process.  Everyday personal and family changes can make yesterday's well-devised estate plan wholly inadequate today.  Consequently, you should be aware of events that may signal the need for an estate plan review and possible revision. Our Estate Planning Guide is a great resource for familiarizing yourself with issues you should consider, and on Page 16 of the guide is a ten-point checklist to help you determine if your estate plan is up to date.  

Although estate planning has become simpler for many people thanks to the new “permanent” estate-tax exemption amount and relatively low top estate-tax rate, that doesn't mean that estate tax is no longer a concern, particularly for higher income individuals with larger estates.¬†

When there are births, deaths, marriages, divorces, moves out of state, changes in estate composition, business changes or tax law changes, please call us or your professional financial advisor to discuss an estate plan review.

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