The Top 5 Tips for Taking Certification Exams

The Top 5 Tips for Taking Certification Exams

When you graduated from school, you probably thought you were done studying, cramming, and taking tests that make you sweat. Unfortunately, to become a CPA, Financial Advisor, or Fraud Specialist (among others), you must take certification exams in order to achieve those designations. 

These exams are a difficult, but necessary, step to advance your career in the accounting profession. But have no fear! We have gathered our top five tips for taking accounting exams to help you succeed. 

Below are the best ways to help you avoid the anxiety and late night grinds associated with preparing for accounting exams: 

Choose a prep course. Make sure you check out sample videos. Find something that engages you and keeps your interest throughout the course work. 

Create a study strategy. These exams cover a lot of material. You need a way to identify which concepts you know well and which ones need work. We suggest making good use of multi-colored pens and highlighters to mark concepts you know and concepts you need to review. 

Focus, Focus, Focus. Did we say focus? Sometimes life has too many distractions. If you can’t focus right now, think about taking the exam at another time. You should be able to put aside a few hours every day (to study) and if you can’t commit to that, it might not be the best time to take the exam. 

Figure out which exam to take first. Everyone has a different strategy. If you don’t know, pick your strong suit and start there.

 Timing. We suggest taking the exam towards the end of test window, because you will get your scores back sooner. Every day you have to wait for your score is excruciating, especially after your first exam! 

Of course the standard tips apply – eat healthy and get plenty of rest. Cramming the night before a test never worked in college and trust us – it won’t work now! And remember focus, focus, focus! 

Once you pass your first exam, you will know what it takes for you to be successful. It’s a real confidence booster! Remember what tactics worked and apply those to your next set of exams. Before you know it, you’ll be done and you will have a designation you’ll be proud of!

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