Tackling New Job Nerves

Have you ever felt like a bundle of nerves at the start of a new job? You are not alone. Most people feel some level of anxiety as they prepare to work somewhere new. While it is okay to be anxious, it is also good to make some effort to calm your nerves. Read on for some tips for dealing with new-job anxiety.

Step one is to simply remember that new job stress is normal and okay. It can even be helpful because it causes you to remain focused and engaged. When you are feeling particularly anxious about your new job, simply stop and remind yourself of this, and try to relax.

Talk Yourself Through It
As you feel stress creeping in, take a few minutes to try to talk yourself down. Remind yourself why you are there—that of all the candidates who applied and interviewed for the job, you were the one they chose. Think about the things that make you excited about your new job. Focusing on the positive can do wonders in relieving your anxiety.

Pay Attention to Your Physiology
Fear and stress often manifest physically. Knowing this, you can learn to recognize when this is happening, and even control it to some extent. When you feel your stress impacting you physically, try doing some deep breathing exercises in order to control and reduce your anxiety.

Establish New Routines
Oftentimes, one of the big sources of anxiety is deviating from your normal routines. One good way to counter this is to focus on creating and implementing new routines. Think about what you liked most about your old routines, then consider how you can incorporate those aspects into your new daily life. Keep in mind that establishing new routines is hard. Try setting short-term goals, such as sticking to your new routine for a week or ten days, to try to set yourself on the road to success.

Personalize Your Workspace
To make yourself feel at home more quickly, try to do something to make your new workspace feel more comfortable. Bring a picture or two from home, choose a desktop background that you are used to, or liven things up with a plant or scented candle.

Make a Connection
Try to walk away from your first day at the new job having made a connection with one of your new colleagues. Don’t feel like you need to have become best friends with someone. The goal is to find someone that can act as an anchor of sorts in the first few days or weeks at your new workplace.

Like we said, if you are feeling anxious about a new job, that is completely normal. You are feeling stressed because you are in a stressful situation. Remember, though, to keep in mind that this is not a forever feeling. As you spend more time on the job, and if you follow the suggestions outlined above, you will start to feel more at ease in your new environment.

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