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Alec Galang

Audit Staff

Alec Galang plays a key role in RBG’s audit team, bringing a blend of academic knowledge and practical experience. After graduating with a Bachelor’s in Accountancy from Holy Angel University in 2020, Alec embarked on his professional journey, eventually joining RBG in 2023. His expertise is vast, with a primary focus on FSG and auditing Financial Institutions and Banks. Alec’s motivation to pursue accounting originates from his parents’ aspiration to see him become a CPA.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Alec finds enjoyment in reading various book series, playing games on his Nintendo Switch, and exploring the picturesque landscapes of Tagaytay City, a destination close to his heart. Among his favorite reads is the Percy Jackson series, where he indulges in learning more about the various mythologies and lore!

Audit: Public

Financial Institutions

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  • Holy Angel University
    — Bachelor of Accountancy (2020)