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Alan Follis

Hybrid Intern

Alan Follis is a dedicated hybrid intern at RBG, where he brings a unique blend of academic prowess and practical experience. He is currently pursuing his studies at Mississippi State University, where he has distinguished himself as a committed and high-achieving student. His exceptional academic performance has earned him recognition as a member of the 2022-2023 CSC Academic All-American College and the Division Men’s At Large Team, accolades that highlight his dedication and hard work.

Originally from Laurel, MS, Alan has a deep-rooted passion for sports, particularly football. He avidly supports Mississippi State’s football team and the Tennessee Titans. Beyond his academic and professional pursuits, Alan enjoys spending his free time engaging in outdoor activities such as playing golf, hunting, and fishing, which reflect his love for nature and adventure.




Mississippi State University
— Bachelor of Accountancy (In progress)