Client Satisfaction Results

Net Promoter Score

When it comes to finding an accounting firm you can partner with, what matters most is delivering excellent service every single day. You need someone you can rely on for your financial needs.

To help gauge our clients’ impressions of our firm, and to identify our strengths and greatest needs for improvement, we participate in the Net Promoter System. This survey scores the firm on the basis of our clients’ response to one ultimate question, “How likely is it you would recommend us to a friend?” and the reasons for their ratings.

We are grateful to share that we received an overall NPS score of 86 (on a scale of -100 to +100), which is well above the accounting industry average of 77.

100% of our clients feel we:

  • exhibit courtesy and professionalism
  • demonstrate the appropriate level of technical expertise
  • deliver high-quality materials
  • provide innovative recommendations
  • stay on top of industry changes and trends